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TopDog's Mutt-e-Ssori
Enrichment Montessori Day school
Dog Training Center
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Proud Winner of Community Votes Barrie 2021 

Contact and Hours of Operation: 

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Why TopDog's Mutt-e-Ssori?


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We may not be the cheapest place in town, and we also may not necessarily be the quickest and easiest option – but we vow that we are in this business for YOUR dog. 

Every decision we make is based upon how to keep this group safe, happy, and moving towards better behaviors as a whole.

Large group daycares often lack daily structure and rules. They work by letting your dog run and play until they exhaust which may be a lot of fun, but dogs often pick up unpleasant habits off other dogs like barking, bolting out gates and doors, along with rough play, barrier and leash aggression. Although your dog may come home physically tired, they may not have received real mental stimulation. An average large group daycare risks becoming a glorified dog park, as staff can often mismanage the group or overlook subtle bullying due to the fact that they may not necessarily have the skills or training to pick up on the subtle language dogs use when communicating.

While our dogs also get to run and play in a group with their friends, there is structure behind it. This is why our staff all take training on dog body language.  They are trained on how to use their bodies and energy to give the group a sense of calm control. Every dog is given an assessment to get to know them better – and from there are matched to other dogs that are likely to be a great fit. We understand your dog for who they are and tailor the day to have them going home exercised and satisfied. We have group obedience we practice every day and focus on teaching manners and rules while they play with their friends.


We then layer in our Montessori-based structure and animal enrichment which no other daycare for miles offers! Our Montessori and enrichment model is a scheduled cycle of events that follow play, enrich, educate, nourish, rest, and repeat. These activities include mind challenges with puzzles, one-on-one play with our staff of trainers, small group play, stimulation with small groups and toys, and group training, lunch and scheduled rest breaks, training programs, then repeat! By reducing the group size, we are able to focus more on each dog's individual needs, desires, and play styles, and can offer a more personalized structured play specific to your dog's taste. Studies show that smaller, more structured play, combined with mental stimulation leaves your dog satisfied, content, and enriched rather than overexerted and drained.  If you seek a facility that addresses your training concerns, enriches your pup, sets up tailors activities, and playgroups for your pups' individual needs, and sends them home with more manners and obedience than they came - You want TopDog's Muttessori!

This program gives them an outlet for natural instincts like digging, chewing, forging, herding, and hunting which reduces their need and likelihood of using them at home. We are also trained to help you teach your dog to manage these genetic instincts.

Here at TopDog’s Mutt-e-Ssori,  we passionately believe that each dog is an individual, and deserves to have a day tailored to their specific requirements and tastes. 

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What We Offer


Montessori modelled Enrichment Daycare

We offer enrichment-based daycare where your dog doesn't just come to play, but they exercise their minds too! While enjoying group play, your dog will work on manners, problem solving, and basic obedience. They work while you work. Packages and memberships are available for pre-purchase. *assessment is required*


Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great option to address one or two specific needs, and are a great starting point for dogs with difficulties focusing with even minor distractions. In-home lessons are great to address issues that are specific to a certain place, person, item or location, or for dogs that lack confidence and social skills to start off in a group setting. Dogs with aggression issues, whether dog-dog or dog-human, often start with a behavioural assessment and and then work towards other training options that are fit. Issues best suited for private lessons are lack of respect with a particular person, counter surfing, aggression issues, behaviours occurring specifically in the home (i.e. door greetings & children interaction)

Pawsitive Tutoring & Day school

The pawsitive tutoring program is designed to combine play and learning into one visit at daycare. It is ideal for puppies, basic manners and obedience. It is also a great option for common pain points such as; leash walking, greeting strangers, door manners, and nipping. We have also adapted the program to work wonderfully for confidence building and socialization regarding both people and other dogs. You can add a tutoring session to either a half or full day, during which time they are taken out of play to do a one-on-one training session with one of our trainers. 

*assessment is required*

Boarding School

Board and trains are full immersion training for your dog. They come and stay with a trainer around the clock, to have 24 hour lessons and conditioning. They range from 1 week to a month, with longer options for more severe cases. Board and trains are designed to address all issues from housebreaking, obedience, leash manners, house manners, greeting strangers, puppy issues, crate training, life skills, confidence building, energy and outlet management, and minor issues regarding guarding, barrier aggression and ego. Dog reactivity, and dog-human aggression require a specialized program and operate on a different rate system according to each dogs requirements. Please contact us for more information.  

*assessment required*

Training a Puppy

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to get attention and focus from you dog with increased distractions. They closely mimic the level of distractions your dog will meet in the real world. They are a great fit for almost all dogs - reactive dogs may require a specialized program.

Class schedule and start dates vary, to see a list of our upcoming classes, click the link below. 


In-Home Overnight Care

We have limited spaces for suitable clients to come and stay in our homes with our families while you're away. We also offer house sitting to allow your pup to stay in the comfort of their own home under the care of our staff while you are away. 

*assessment is required*

Nail Clip

Force Free Spaw Services

We offer forcefree nail trims, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

*by appointment for current students only* 

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Contact Us

*Please be aware that due to security settings on your email, responses from may bounce to junk mail. If you do not receive a response within 2 business days please be sure to either call or email us directly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You are contacting the Orillia location. Please visit our Barrie website to contact them.*

Thanks! We will be in touch shortly!

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